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Onofrio Doors and Windows is a new type of enterprise specializing in R&D, production and marketing of high-grade aluminum alloy doors. After many years of hard work, Onofrio's doors and windows have strong development capabilities. The Onofrios “actually, never drag” the style of action, actively deal with all customer problems, and win the praise of customers.
Won many honors
China's famous brands, China's engineering construction recommended products, quality service integrity AAAA enterprises, China's green products
Complete product
The rich product line structure brings together the sliding door series, folding door series, swing door series, broken bridge window series, sun room series, etc. It is an advanced enterprise in the industry.
Excellent product quality
1. Allo's door and window profiles are all made from the raw materials from Asian Aluminum Factory. All the profiles and blanks must exceed the national standard thickness, all of which are high-precision aluminum alloy profiles.
2. The surface design of Onofrio doors and windows is made of AkzoNobel powder coating, Italian thermal transfer wood grain, fluorocarbon coating, and colorful.
3. All doors and windows of Onofrio are made of ultra-white glass, then made into insulating glass and filled with inert gas.
4. All hardware components are made of high quality imported brands, which are flexible in operation and durable.
Super strong six protection
1. Windproof, Onofrio takes the structure of anti-pressure structure as the principle, facing the storm and invading, it is still as stable as Mount Tai.
2, waterproof, Onofrio based on the principle of step-by-step transmission, perfect farewell to wetness.
3, anti-mosquito, Uno variety of screens, for you to block mosquito interference.
4, dustproof, Onofrio with multiple sealing principle, so that your home is not stained, you can completely isolate the suspended particles outside the window into the room.
5, energy saving, Uno with four energy-saving as the standard, can save 40% energy than ordinary doors and windows, both reduce air-conditioning loss, but also keep warm.
6, mute, Onofrio to cut off the principle of shock, let you frame the new static world into the auditory utopia.
Smart after-sales service
24-hour after-sales service hotline, national non-empty service point, smart after-sales service, you can solve all problems for you in the first time, let your later use worry-free, carefree, experience the brand's smart star service .
Success stems from innovation and development comes from cooperation. We uphold the enterprise tenet of   “Credit First, Customer Supreme, Self-improvement, Continuous Innovation”  , pioneering and innovating, and better serving the users.