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◆ Company Advantage

Ou Nuo Men and Windows Active Marketing is a brand-new marketing method that aims to provide franchisees with a full-service system and effectively help franchisees achieve ultimate success and profit maximization, so that franchisees can get clear and realistic. The profit and security of the franchisees make the franchisees more secure and reassured, and thus achieve profitability through their own efforts and the full support of the headquarters. 
◆ Quality advantage

Door and window profiles adopt high-precision national inspection-free products, hardware accessories adopt HOPO (Good Bo), Germany ROTO (Noto) and other famous brands, and glass adopts automotive-grade hollow tempered glass. The implementation of quality as the core of the management system, consistently adhere to the "quality is the starting point of corporate dignity, is the starting point of respect for customers" product quality concept. 
◆ R&D advantage

The company has a high-quality research and development team, effective research and development and incentive mechanism, superhuman design and distinctive products, always guide the consumer concept of consumers, lead the market trend, and establish their own unique products for the franchisees in the market. Style and brand image.
◆ Price advantage

The introduction of advanced production equipment at home and abroad, relying on strict and refined management, professional design, full control of production costs, to ensure the competitive advantage of products in the industry, the implementation of a variety of promotional programs throughout the year.
◆ Regional protection advantage

Standardize regional affiliation, hand over the market to franchisees to manage and expand, to ensure that franchisees in each region enjoy exclusive business qualifications, protect the interests of dealers and consumers, guide franchisees in business management and market expansion, and regulate market management.

◆ Operational mode advantage

OUNUO has a good cooperation platform, advanced management and management methods and rich marketing strategy promotion experience. The company adopts the strategy of “big market and small profit” to increase market share. At the same time, it has improved the market reputation and reputation of “OUNUO Doors and Windows” products with high quality products, reasonable price and good service.
◆ Branded advantages

OUNUO Doors and Windows has set up a professional brand promotion department to be responsible for the branding and promotion of the brand, and to create brand influence in all aspects. The company implements unified image management for the national specialty stores, and implements national unified promotion of the brand, providing the franchisees with a comprehensive Confidence in opening up the market.
◆ Service advantage

Perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sales service system provides franchisees and users with “three hearts” protection, buy with confidence, use peace of mind, and have confidence in us. With the "three hearts" principle, Onofrio doors and windows are climbing to new peaks.
◆ Opening and business advantages

Based on the business tenet of “resource sharing, benefit-winning”, OUNUO doors and windows provide professional business management guidance, training and a complete operation management mode for franchisees to guide the operation and management of franchisees before and after opening. Long-term multi-disciplinary and according to the geographical characteristics of dealers, provide full program planning, as well as timely management and management services. We will provide full-time guidance and support for each participating store to reduce the time and cost of franchisees.
◆ Logistics advantage

The company is located in Foshan, Guangdong, where transportation and logistics are developed. There are direct and fast logistics supporting services throughout the country.



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